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CNC laser metal forming

Royal Steel for Metal Forming and Manufacturingis one of the leading companies in the field of laser cutting, forming and turning metals in Egypt where the company is characterized by the use of high-tech machines in cutting, drilling, engraving, printing, turning, milling, welding, bending and forming all metals.

Royal Steel also provides all metal forming and working services. We always strive to achieve quality standards and meet customers’ desires with a high level of quality, professionalism, commitment to competitive prices, and always work to maintain our position in the Egyptian market.

Storage tanks and silos manufacturing

The tanks are manufactured according to the required standards that ensure the storage of water in a healthy manner. The tanks contain insulating layers from the inside to prevent the interaction of chemicals and are coated with a layer of paint from the inside and outside with an epoxy material that is resistant to rust, corrosion and weather factors.

Factory gates and emergency doors manufacturing

Emergency exit doors

Manufacturing fire and weather rated exit doors.

Emergency exit door materials consist of first-class imported galvanized metal sheet, designed with the latest engineering software, with the use of all safety means that make the doors well-sealed.

Hinges made of stainless steel 304, which make the door easy to move and have a long life.

The interior doors are painted with fire-resistant paint, and the exterior doors are electrostatically painted in the required color.

We have a team for the external installations with great experience and meet the needs of customers.

Factory gates

Manufacturing all types of factory and emergency gates

Armored metal doors against intrusion used for factories, warehouses, hospitals, offices and garages, as they contain all means of protection. Royal Steel has implemented many projects for major factories, hospitals, government agencies and organizations.

Manufacturing fire rated steel doors

Royal Steel Doors Factory offers the finest raw materials for manufacturing fire rated doors, and also called hollow steel doors, as the metal doors are manufactured with a special thickness in order resist fire for a period ranging from 45 minutes to 180 minutes.The specifications required for these doors are taken into account, such as the insulating layer, the specifications of the hinges and locks, and the technical specifications of the frames in terms of density and thickness. Doors and frames are washed with a chemical to clean them of any grease residue and any materials on their surface, after that they are coated with a rust-resistant layer and then finally painted with thermal paint as desired, in order to ensure the preservation of your project and the lives of those inside the place and to avoid the transmission of fires from one place to another.

Royal Steel Doors Factory installs the fire rated doors by a group of technicians and specialists to ensure that the highest safety and security standards are achieved and that all specifications are maintained.

Manufacturing belts, augers and waterwheels

Royal Steel has great experience in manufacturing belts according to customer needs, using all available resources and raw materials to support the requirements of the production line and the customer. We manufacture conveyor PVC belts for various production lines, belts with barriers, sidewalls and cleats.

Royal Steel is characterized by ultrasonic welded belts sidewall belts, which are used in fruits and vegetables sorting stations.

Royal Steel is characterized by ultrasonic welded belts sidewall belts, which are used in fruits and vegetables sorting stations In addition to the belts that are welded with a hot gun, because these belts are efficient and durable.